We Invest in Dreams...

 We Invest in Dreams... 

About Us  

We provide financial capital to early-stage, growth start-up companies with a global business project; working with them to address their needs through our Worldwide networking, extensive know-how and innovative solutions.

We don't care if you just need 1$ or a Million bucks, in which corner of the World you are living in, if your idea is pretty small or if you just want to create the Next Big Thing... as far your project is inspirational enough, we will help you to kick-off your start-up without making too much noise.

Have you got the passion (and the business plan) to take it higher?. 

Tell us your Dream and take it to Cloud#9... Contact us, we will always reply you.

Cloud#9 is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the City of Light... 
We are a group of Business Angel Investors from different backgrounds & nationalities from around the World 
who share the same passion about building new business from inspirational people's dreams.